Ilya Bryzgalov Willing To Back At Minnesota

Ilya Bryzgalov is willing to get back to his former group Minnesota Wild, the sources reported.

Ilya came to Minnesota Wild at trade deadline right from Edmonton Oilers since the squad’s goaltending car-wreck commenced to reach at drive-by-&-gawk levels. Harding (Josh) had not played a match in 2014 & Backstorm (Niklas) was being infrequent given his persistent core trouble stemming from his offseason hernia operation.

Kuemper (Darcy) had carried Wild for maximum leg of 2014 & was playing really awesome- however, the squad needed a non-injured reliable backup for Darcy to extend the squad into playoffs.

The entire situation came up with a huge opportunity for Bryz.
Ilya would have to take the center stage whilst Darcy had to move out following his concussion in the later part of the season. The star player went 7-1-13 score, with his sole loss heading in the last match of this season that rendered an extremely painful defeat to Nashville which included that blooper.

He fought early in playoffs & was relieved by a healthy Darcy who then got down in 7th Game of opening round given another concussion - though at least that gave him time to go on one of his favourite Scotland yacht charter holidays.

In the meantime, Bryzgalov is really eager to resume his position with the Wild and has declared his interest publicly.
“Ilya is looking forward to get back to Minnesota Wild & further the prospects the squad had last year”, stated Ritch Winter, the player’s agent. “It was one among the most content experiences he ever had across his career.”

“He loves his mates in Minnesota, adored the city as well as relished & enjoyed the huge support showered on him from Wild fans & coaching staff. He is eager to help the squad in attaining the great success which they experienced together past year. I have been instructed to do everything possible to facilitate his return.”