NFL admits that refs decision was costly error for Lions

Like before, the National Football League has admitted that the officiating team in the Cowboys vs Lions match game last Sunday made a serious mistake on a key 4th quarter play.

As per ESPN, the NFL accepted to the Lions that Ronald Leary, the Cowboys left guard, must have been called for arranging on a critical 4th-and-6 play from Lions forty-two-yard line with 6 minutes left in the match.

Leary (65) hooked Ndamukong Suh, the Lions defensive lineman, on the play. The Cowboys changed over the 4th down when Tony Romo hit Jason Witten for a twenty-one yard gain. Still, if the holding had been called, Cowboys would have been dealing a 4th -and-16 from their very own 48-yard line.

After converting the 4th down, Cowboys racked up the eventual match winning touchdown 8 plays later on an 8-yard clear from Romo to Terrance Williams. Lions rooters, obviously, are not going to be very regarding this because this suggests that the squad was burned on 2 non-calls in during a 3 minute time-period in 4th quarter.

On Monday, Dean Blandino, the NFL vice president of officiating, said that the Lions must have been handed a first down on a critical play in 4th quarter. On the match, Anthony Hitchens, the Cowboys linebacker, made contact with Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew and was flagged for defensive pass interference.