Off Season Ice Hockey Training

Now it's time to rest up. You need this time for emotional and physical renewal. For several weeks, forget about hockey and do other things. Staying fit and active with cross training or other activities is still a good idea.

Give yourself plenty of time to do it all again next year.

In Season Ice Hockey Training

You need to build on the strength developed in pre-season with training that will increase your ability to move a load at high velocity. Power is the combination of strength and speed. Power training requires that you lift lighter weights than you did in the strength phase, yet with explosive intent. You need to rest adequately between repetitions and sets so that each movement is done as fast as possible. The number of sets can be less than phase 1. There is no point to training like this when you're fatigued.

Time of year: late pre-season and in-season
Duration: 4 weeks ongoing

Mid Pre-Season Ice Hockey Training

In this phase, you will build strength and muscle. The fast and agile players should be careful not to bulk up too much.
You have a good foundation from early pre-season workouts and now the emphasis is on lifting heavier weights in order to train the nervous system in conjunction with the muscle fibers to move bigger loads.

This isn't about picking and swapping exerciss like they're scratch cards, because building muscle size does not necessarily imply strength.

Pre-Season Ice Hockey Training

Building foundation strength means utilizing a program that works all the major muscle groups of the body. Less-experienced weight trainers will need to start with lighter weights and fewer sets and work up to heavier weights with more sets. Start early in the season buildup to get used to this phase if you have not used weights previously.

Ice Hockey Training Programme

A year-long ice hockey weight training program could look like the program outlined below.

Early Pre-Season

Players are preparing for the season and starting to build up after the off season.
Emphasis is on building aerobic fitness, basic functional strength and muscle bulk, which is called "hypertrophy".

Late Pre-Season

Players are working up to the start of the season and pre-season trials are imminent.
Emphasis is on building anaerobic fitness and maximum strength and power.

In Season