Pavel Datsyuk of Detroit Red Wings feeling Olympic pressure

With Sochi Winter Olympics fast coming, the home squad is already experiencing pressure to snatch hockey gold. Russias team captain Pavel Datsyuk, who plays for Red Wings, stated that the pressure is very high and it is increasing day by day. Everyone is anticipating just one thing from them. And they would not have the perfect to make an error.

This does not serve that The Big Red Machine has not won gold since the year 1992 (as Unified Team), even though this is certainly not lacking for talent, like Alexander Ovechkin.

Evgeni Malkin stated that if Ovechkin is in top shape, there is no requirement to even put their skates on. He would just jump out and tear everyone apart. As a matter of fact, it does not matter what shape he is in. He would just drink a couple of coke cans and would run around like he just got scalded or something.

Meanwhile, the counter terrorism agency of Russia has arrested 2 brothers suspected of helping the suicide bombers who hit the southern city of Volgograd in December. The train station and trolley bus bombings in Volgograd that killed thirty four people and wounded many, raised security fears ahead of Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Chernyshenko stated termed Sochi as the most secure venue on the planet at the moment. He also promised that tight security measures would not be a distraction for the game.