Tampa Bay honor Martin St. Louis

Martin St. Louis had a memorable evening when he scored 2 goals and more than that he was honored before the match and Tampa Bay Lightning blocked a 4 match losing streak by defeating New York Rangers on Monday evening by 5 – 0.

Jon Cooper, the coach of Tampa Bay, told that for them to pull out the match the way they did, and for him to contribute the way he did, a little storybook in there. Martin was gifted a silver stick and many other presents in a ceremony for playing in his 1000th National Hockey League match previous Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Martin told that he was quite emotional. The whole presentation ceremony - see his children, his wife, his parents. When they begun the tribute video, he could not. It was really a special night and to be able to win the match and contribute. He would remember this night for sure.

Ben Bishop had thirty seven saves and he improved to 14 – 3 – 1 for Tampa Bay, who came back home following a 0 – 3 – 1 tour. Nikita scored on 1st shift of his very 1st National Hockey League match, and Teddy hit a pair of goals to end the scoring.

Rangers had their 6 match winning streak cracked. It was 1 match short of checking the team record. New York Rangers won 7 straight road matches in a row in the 1935 season and 1978 season.